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CGDI Key Programmer

VVDI MB vs Simon Touch MB Clinic vs Abrites vs Others

Need advice!

VVDI MB vs CGDI MB vs Simon Touch MB Clinic vs Abrites vs Other tool, what tool is advised for work with Mercedes-Benz (Keys, EZS, ELV, Cluster....) key programming?


AVDI: very good support

I have SimonTouch mb nec full and AVDI and VVDI MB
SimonTouch is very poorly supported, many problems arise in the work and many functions do not work because the MB clinic is still only an advertisement, they don’t sell it yet, a very raw product
AVDI is very good support and really everything works from the stated, very good product.
VVDI MB is also not a bad product, but support from the Chinese is slow. The only negative is the use of tokens.


Simon Touch: very fast and very useful

I use Simon touch MB tool and also i have the AVDI i use them both for my job and both are working well for me the option that i dont find in MB tool i do it with AVDI and the option like enabling ESL that doesnt exist on AVDI i use it on MB tool, brief i use MB tool to program Simon touch emultors and ESL or to enable also i do alot of keys and get the password from key, also i work on AVDI to extract password from EIS.
About MB clinic its a very nice and powerful tool that will do a lot of job for me for future i will but it as they said end of march. 

after my experience with Simon touch support i rly like the way that they work because its very fast and very useful and friendly staff for support on skype for free.
i used VVDI but has several issues so i stopped working on it (ps: issue on my job), and also i like Simon touch prices are cheap concerning what i need to do.

This is all i can write for you and tell you what i use other than that you have to see whats your need and want.


MB Instrument: work with ESL

If you need to work with ESL, then it is better to use MB Instrument. It implements a factory command algorithm for working with NEC chips,  unlike simontouch have power interference with  which sometimes leads to a malfunction of the NEC chip.


These functions do not work for simontuoch:
EIS reading by IR - Password from any EIS (Motorola/NEC with or without existing Key)
NEC keyless read/erase/write on adapter board.
All key by IR Password read - All Key versions/Keyless/BGA.
ISM Resetting by OBD/CAN to the factory state without loosing of SCN coding.
ECU Renew Engine control units online.

As well  simontouch does not erase the Chinese mb ir keys, you can wait as long as you like, but it does not erase them, unlike the abrites erase them off very quickly


CGDI MB Programmer : work perfect 1 to 1 VVDI MB

Friend buy one CGDI MB and work have variant without TAX i have this tool work perfect 1 to 1 VVDI MB 
again repair ELV NEC make keys have function RENEW and WORK 100% testing 
Simon Touch ----- before time i buy one tool support not have support i have problem with W211 for key i write in 10.30-11.00 email (suport is only with email ) after 12h have solution for my problem but car go to other servis before 5h 
AVDI perfect tool but price is....not real price expensive tool for pass mercedes need you 20 min to 1h wotk but very slow 
buy one CGDI MB and work 
make key for 10 min 
make virgin module for 2 min 
not have tax not have other 
have support with 24h skype 
for me this tool is perfect tool low money lot functions !!



VVDI MB BAG Tool: good feedback and functional

I want to thank everyone for the contribution and opinions about the MB tools on the market.
I also saw CGDI MB, it seems a good tool but not find so many feedback, but the price is really inviting

- MB Clinic, if work and do all the functions they say, is a really powerful tool but, on this post saw some different feedback. 
- AVDI i think is out, too much money and saw now an update to do keys from 1998-2004... Maybe not so powerfull.
- VVDI MB good feedback and do the job, problem with tokens and support. Price is expensive but ok, if do all they say, seem a powerful tool also.
- CGDI MB the price is really inviting but outweighs the risk? Recent tool, low price...

Again, thanks for all the opinions, sure there are more people with the same doubt and will have in this post some answers. I hope to keep this topic alive for future people with the same issue.

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